MLS IDX Solutions

More than 90% of homebuyers are using the internet to look for suitable properties. This prominent growth in internet-savvy buyers prompted an increase in the number of real estate websites. At Jump2Top, we help our clients improve their housing websites by providing an effective MLS IDX solution that will essentially increase the capacity of their listings. We are not alone in believing that more listings are equivalent to more lead generations and therefore a swell in potential sale.

IDX or Internet Data Exchange is an integral component that any real estate website should have. In this day and age when vast amounts of information are easily accessible, it is easier to tap in the market of potential homebuyers who are aggressively searching for the best property. While time is crucial for many homebuyers, it is common knowledge that many, if not all, use always take their time in sifting through viable options. Our MLS IDX service promises to provide real estate websites with an integrated point-and-click solution for searching which will improve user-experience and cut the time needed for buyers to find suitable candidates substantially.

MLS IDX is all about functionality, and here at Jump2Top, we make sure that the real estate websites of our clients are easy to use and highly resourceful. Part of the benefits of this service is the inventory. The main goal of MLS IDX is to increase a website’s inventory of properties and listings exponentially to accommodate more data. Through a MLS feed, the inventory is regularly kept updated and relevant. We make our MLS IDX service more useful by incorporating the objectives of clients throughout the process of development.

General Listing

Real estate websites are but some of the web pages that can benefit from our IDX solution. We can successfully integrate the same technology to other kinds of websites that involve listing of properties.

Our Goal

Here at Jump2Top, our goal is to provide customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of hiring a competent and knowledgeable IT company for an IDX-optimized website project, and as such, make sure that every MLS-IDX project that falls on our table meet the following fundamental requirements:

  • The system which will be used to provide an existing market or client base with high-quality services.
  • The architecture which will be responsible in helping the business achieve market dominance.
  • The advantage of translating online transactions to real-world professional affiliations.

Implemented Features

Our methods and outputs exceed expectations. The MLS IDX services we provide are implemented with the following features, to name a few:

  • SEO for the integration of meta-tags and search terms into each property listing.
  • Google Map for in-depth and hassle-free pin-pointing system for targeting specific property location.
  • User-experience enhancements for a friendlier website.
  • Server-based services that allow our clients to install the website either on their server or ours.
  • Specialized modules that can be used to generate web pages for agents and brokers.

Experience improvements in your real estate or any listing website through our MLS IDX service. Our lines are open, so contact us now to learn more about this service and others we offer.