Search Engine Optimization Process

The first thing We do when starting a new SEO campaign for our client is find out the goals for the site. The goals may be various, driving more target traffic, creating leads, entice people to call, selling a product online, introducing the company, etc. The SEO goal may be the combination of some goals.

Next step to know our target market and analyze their online behavior. Brainstorm about the search terms to target our exact clients. We use different sources to find out what search terms our target users use. We utilize Yahoo, Google tools like Placing our client on the top spots of the search engines is not enough for us. We should meet the bottom line target of our clients. We discuss the search terms with our client before starting to work on them. We always focus on lead generating search terms.

Once the keyword phrases are chosen for each page of the site, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and start utilizing them within the copy. If you're rewriting from scratch, be sure your copywriter understands which phrases need to be used, what the goals of the site are, and who the target market is. Obviously this information will affect how they write the copy, so the more they know, the more accurate your copy will turn out.

Then we optimize the HTML code for search engines.

After optimizing the code and the content of the page, we begin working on our campaign.

Professional Search Engine Optimization requires kow-how, time dedication and online resources.