Press Release Production and Submission

After proper careful planning, the next important step is to launch the business. Press Release is an efficient method of getting any business attention from prospects as well as the target audience. Successful publicity is integral in determining the success of any business in every niche there is. Moreover, press releases are effective tools in updating customers about new products, services and special events happening in the business.

We at Jump2Top understand the importance of Press Releases for any business and offer an effective service to help your company garner buzz from your audience online. Effective press release production doesn’t only aid your business gain recognition online but increases its offline presence as well. With the right set of procedures and channels, our Press Release service successfully improves organic rankings by increasing visibility.

The benefits of Press Releases transcend from the conventional market publicity. Through press release creation, websites are also going to be updated regularly with fresh content useful for the knowledge of the visitors.

It is crucial, however, for us to receive the initial story draft for the press release. Our clients are advised to provide us with the specific angle they want the release to be written at. From there, we make sure that only compelling and high-quality press releases are going to be produced and submitted to important directories.