Search Engine Optimization Services for Law Firms

Law firms are famous for providing quality legal advises to their clients and win the court cases for them. But it is very astonishing that some of them don’t have the best advice for their own business growth—yes, getting a web site set-up and marketing the skills and expertise with this online tool.

However, It was noted that in 2001, around 70% law firms had their web sites and were working to get the customers through online communication and relationship management. Almost all the progressive law firms would agree that key to growth is relationship management with existing clients and thus gaining more business. But, as the saying goes, the law firms are unaware of the very law that governs the online market—search engine optimization—which can build a lasting relationship and impression on the clients and can bring new potential customers to their web sites.

Making the best point in case hearing—Search Engine Optimization

Now that all the law firms have web sites, as the statistics show, the need of the hour is to deliver the blow on the opponents and win the judgement of the judge—customers—yes, potential customers are the real judges for your online marketing strategies!

A customer searching for a law firm is like a patient who needs treatment, and he is looking for a doctor that can diagnose the ailment and give him a perfect solution! Almost 90% of customers come through search engines. But how the patient is going to know about your ability to handle the ailments? A casual search on Google for a keyword phrase “Insurance Lawyers” shows 13,500,000 indexed pages and 14,200,000 indexed pages for the keyword phrase “New York Lawyers”. If you are looking to get covered by a great insurance company, then go to RhinoSure insurance. Then how are you going to prove that you are the right choice for the ailment that your customer is suffering for?

This is where a good Search Engine Optimization campaign can play its part! It will highlight your potentials above other law firms and would induce the customers to hire your services. It will bring a good traffic of potential customers to your site and would help you in realizing the goals of your business. Below are points that are integral part of an SEO campaign:

  • Making your web site up-to-date: making it in-line with the requirements of the search engines.
  • Providing the content that can be indexed by the search engines. This is the most important part of a SEO program and can help you grow your business immensely. You can opt to put news and facts on the web, and thus making your customers understand you better. This helps in reducing the communication cost between you and the customers and the customer feel relaxed at knowing what is happening around the legal world. This, obviously, build a good relationship with your customers.
  • Making your web site ranking high on the search engines thus highlighting the effectiveness of your business.

The search engine can really blow the horn of winning the hearts of your customers and can bring the joy of business growth. The amount of advertisement and other popularity campaigns that you undertake would be eliminated once you adopt a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program for your firm.

Advantage of SEO over other marketing tools

There are other marketing tools available in the market, but SEO stands tall and high and deliver the best results. A comprehensive SEO program can give you a major boost for your business in just $500-3000. A search on for a keyword phrase “Miami Accident lawyers” shows that law firms are paying $17.14 for PPC—Pay per click. It almost gets doubled for keyword phrase “New York Lawyers” and goes to $30.2. it is a considerable amount of money and means that if a customer clicks your URL, then you will have to pay the search engines the amount that you have bid: No matters even if the customer is not buying your services. At the same time, if you adopt SEO, you will rank high all the times without any additional money payment. SEO has an added psychological advantage over PPC, as the customer knows that they are paid ads and so their preference is less towards those law firms.

It is obvious and goes without saying that law firms need a comprehensive SEO program that can win the case for them. In legal arena, the cutting argument theory reigns, and in online marketing strategies, SEO does the same thing. The judge—potential customer—is ready to pronounce the judgement in your favor if you have the right appeal!